Sex Techniques

Sex Techniques – Here’s An Easy Way To Turn Your Woman On And Get Her IN THE MOOD For Sex Tonight

Sex Techniques
There are tons of sexual techniques out there. Heck, you and I could open any major men’s magazine and we’d find dozens every month. However, very few are as easy to use and powerful as the one I’m about to share with you. The great thing is it works with your hands, your tongue, and just about any other body part you can think of. The only caveat to this technique is that it requires a SEXUAL fiber in your relationship. This means that it will work on your girl, just about every time. However, she may never tell you she’s doing it. Sometimes she just gives you a huge smile and says nothing. But I’ve found, through patient observation and feedback from my own relationships, that most women are big fans of this technique. Here’s how you do it…

First, begin by going nowhere near her clitoris. It’s almost like you should say “Steal me off”, except you don’t just take her clitoris away, you blow it up. The nerves in her clitoris are connected to the pleasure nerves in her entire body, so if you touch her there before she is very aroused, the sensations she gets will be very unpleasant.

To get her really aroused, begin by lightly kissing her lips and neck. At this point she will be BEGGING to be touched and probably TEASE you to touch her clitoris. But don’t… wait until she literally begs you to touch her clitoris. A good 5-10 minutes of this teasing will be very pleasurable for her.

Then, instead of going directly for her clitoris, gently lick the sides of her inner thighs. Now, instead of stimulating the clitoris, lick the area around her clitoris. Like most good cunnilingus techniques, the key is to move upwards towards her clitoris, and NOT CAREFULLY filtering over it.

After a little while of this “ville foreplay”, slide several fingers inside her with your palm facing up. Keep these fingers straight and don’t move them in and out. Just hold them there while you move an upper level of her vagina with your tongue. If you do this technique properly, she should be in the mood to experience orgasm.

The first time this technique is used, she may have a “little orgasm reaction” and may become slightly wet. This is always a good sign that you can move onto the next technique.

Below is a small anatomy diagram of the female sexual anatomy.

Important note: The clitoris is not actually a small area inside the vagina. It is a small,IO urbine that will respond to gentle, gentle stimulation.

Inner labia

The inner labia are the outer lips of the vagina. They are extremely sensitive to touch. This is a good way to give her a clitoral orgasm. Bobbing and sucking on the inner lips of her vagina is a great way to give her a clitoral orgasm. 시알리스 효과

Clitoral orgasm tips

Bobbing and sucking on the clitoris should be done gently at first. Once she becomes more comfortable and relaxed, then you can begin to more abruptly increase the speed and intensity of your sucking and licking. Clitoral orgasm is the most satisfying orgasm that a woman can ever have.

The clitoris will become swollen and erect under the stimulation of your tongue and fingers. It is important to keep the area moist. Never place a wet tongue or finger on the clitoris.


You may want to use a sex toy here, but the sounds that your girl makes when she is about to reach an orgasm can be a real turn on itself. Once she is comfortable with the sounds, she will be able to have a better orgasm with the increased sounds.


This is the most challenging part of giving a clitoral orgasm. The right position will be the one where the guy can control the stimulation of the clitoris. She will be more satisfied with this position if you can keep the stimulation going for the right amount of time.

Her clitoris will become swollen under the stimulation in the previous position because of the blood that has been driven to this area. If you are about to give the clitoris clitoris clitoral orgasm, what you need to do is to keep the area moist. What this means is that you need to use either your fingers or a sex toy here. Once she is comfortable, you can then insert either your fingers or a sex toy in her clitoris. If you are using your fingers, you will need to have a lubricated finger and insert it slowly and cannot just jump directly onto the clitoris.

Sex toys Sex Techniques

Now, a sex toy can be a powerful tool to give your woman a clitoral orgasm.